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EZ hitches / Quick Hitches

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I recently bought a Kubota BX26660 and am now starting the porcess of acquiring 3 point attachments.

I bought Cat 1 quick hitch and it does not work with some of the attachments I have - the upper links are not all at the same height from the plane of the lift pins. :Disgus: So - I am now looking at the EZ Hitch at "Clint in KY" is bought one and he likes it.

What else is out there before I buy - my budget is around $100. :dunno:

Any help would be appreciated.
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I have a set of Pat's and like them much better, I had a full sized quick hitch and sold it.
The only thing is you can't use the bar that holds the arms together when you use an implement that has a PTO, I know and wasn't paying attention and bent it like a pretzel. It still makes life much easier.
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I like the idea of the Carter & Sons, for my SCUT, as it doesn't extend the lift arm length (I have a limited lift capacity on the little guy), and adds a bit of lift height instead, right out of the gate. For now, I'm going to suffer and learn hwo to hitch the hard way, but will probably go that route when the balance grows again in the play fund.
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Bought the Carter EZ Hitch with the spreader bar. So far, I had to remove the spreader bar to mount up the Carry All as well as the Box Blade. So the spreader bar is 0 for 2 and the jury is out on the hitch itself. Paint job looked like a junior high school kid did it and it has drips and sags plus I had to file off burs where the holes were drilled. Not entirely thrilled with the quality of workmanship.
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I have the Carter and it is sure a lot quicker and less use of a bar or hammer to get the 3 pt hitch arms on the cat1 pins. But I found that there is a lot more play in the hitched device as the Carter rotates around the arm ends. When using the box-blade it moved around and made it harder to control the depth.
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Well, here I am a with a year under my belt on these quick attach devices for the 3PT hitch.

I have ditched the Carter as one of the 3PT attachments I frequently use is a carry-all. I couldn't use the Carter Spreader Bar due the frame of the carry-all and the Carter Spreader Bar wanting to both inhabit the same space... So it ended up that I stopped using the spreader bar.

To make along story short, every time I reattached a 3PT device, I still had to get off the tractor and "fiddle" with the 3PT hitch anti-sway mechanism. I went back to the "framed" quick hitch with a couple modifications and am very happy with it.

Anybody want to buy a Carter EZ Hitch?

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I have the Deere I-Match on the 2305 I picked up last week and I love it so far. I like the fact that I don't have to get off the machine to change implements unless it's hooked to the PTO.
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