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Extended Warranty Or Not

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My X530 is coming up on warranty expiration and JD been offering an extended warranty now for a couple months. Now I'm down to a couple weeks to decide.
To be honest its pretty rich for an additional two years as long as under the 500hrs mark.
Ive been told that with the quality of these machines that its not practical.
I just want more opinions from real owners and should I be concerned.
My machines are very well maintained and kept in an insulated garage year round.
The only issue Ive ever had was the hour meter fogging up.
Twice its been replaced by Dealer and the second one only lasted 8 months.
Don't know what gives with that. My D170 has 250 hrs and in the same garage and never fogged up. The X530 has 230 hrs. Anyone else with an X500 series had this happen?

Well any input appreciated.
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The only thing to change my mind on an extended warranty was on my wife's 2013 SRX Cadillac. It is an electronic wonderland and we all know what happens when there is an electrical problem. It usually isn't the parts that are so horrible but the testing and labor to find the problem. On mechanical things, I do not think they are worth it. Of course, there are always the persons who have the major break downs and they benefit but for most people, they lose money.
I like watching car auctions and one thing I have noticed is that many German car makes do poorly at auction if they are out of warranty. This is due in large part because of the electronics in them. They are known for trouble and if you have to pay a Mercedes Benz/Audi dealer to find and repair the problem you can be looking at thousands of dollars. One of the things that have made the older JD's so survivable is that they had few electronic devices on them. As time goes by all electronic components change their values and when they reach a certain level they can cause headaches with false readings or momentary glitches. I would advise anyone who is thinking about buying a new model car with a lot of electronics on board to consider an extended warranty. Engines and trannies are not in this same category of potential failures that cannot be easily traced or diagnosed.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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