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Extended Warranty Or Not

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My X530 is coming up on warranty expiration and JD been offering an extended warranty now for a couple months. Now I'm down to a couple weeks to decide.
To be honest its pretty rich for an additional two years as long as under the 500hrs mark.
Ive been told that with the quality of these machines that its not practical.
I just want more opinions from real owners and should I be concerned.
My machines are very well maintained and kept in an insulated garage year round.
The only issue Ive ever had was the hour meter fogging up.
Twice its been replaced by Dealer and the second one only lasted 8 months.
Don't know what gives with that. My D170 has 250 hrs and in the same garage and never fogged up. The X530 has 230 hrs. Anyone else with an X500 series had this happen?

Well any input appreciated.
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Here is my 2 cents: 3 things come to mind here: 1.) Can you fix it yourself? (have tools, knowledge, willing to do it). 2.) Have the physical capability? (bad back, shoulders, arms, legs, lungs, heart, mind). 3.) Financial means (MONEY, $$$$). Only you the prospective buyer/owner can answer those questions. The old phrase "Pay me now or pay me later" comes to mind. I would set up a "tractor fund" just like the "Xmas fund" for repairs,etc. I like being able to pay myself personally. Find good places to do the work if you can't. You buy the parts. It is about controlling the cost of these things.

Here endeth the lesson.
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