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Expect to move snow next winter: questions

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Hi, I joined this forum recently and had been reading it with great interest for some time before that. I presently live in Arizona but am in the process of relocating to North Dakota [N.D. natives, so not necessarily insane]. Our property there is on a private easement so I will be blowing snow on a road perhaps 2000' long. So, I've been planning for the really lousy sort of winter that we know the last couple were. I've bought a nice Massey Ferguson 1528 hydrostatic which came with a mid-mount mower. I will buy an MF 1410 snowblower and also [after reading many threads both pro & con] got a Curtis cab, as yet uninstalled. Sure hope it fits. Turf tires on the tractor.

I've also read all I can on tire chains, weights, loading, etc. and the setup I have in mind is tire chains; prefer not to run loaded tires unless necessary; and for additional rear weight I have been offered an older rear 3 pt. blade, weight unknown. I guess I will also get some benefit from the approximately 300lb. cab. I am assuming the deepest, nastiest kind of snowfall, unless North Dakota has changed radically since I last lived there!

By the way the property/road is on a small lake, lots of weed trees everywhere, and as far as I can tell it is virtually ideally designed for drifting over. Any thoughts or advice will be appreciated.

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Sounds like u have got it all figured out. Except for 1 thing.... We need pictures of your tractor.... Your property... And your tractor in-action on your property.

:MTF_wel2: and were looking forward to some pics of your tractor. slkpk
I don't have many good shots of the 1528 yet . . . this is from the dealer's website:


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Hope you splurged and got the heater and wiper options. Love my heater!!!

I got the heater, the wiper appears to be standard from their website—haven't actually seen the cab yet. If it is not standard, I'll have to order it. Do you have a Curtis cab?
It has been many years since I lived near the coal fields of central ND, but I'll bet not much has changed as far as weather goes. Big lake and pot holes may be up or down, but snow and "snert" storms still come from the West. At nothing less than 90MPH........... You remember.

Looks like your set up is about like my older JD855 and 59" JD blower. You will like the way it works. Wish I had a cab, have a lot of trouble keeping fingers warm.

The weight of a back blade and 2 link ladder chains will be a great asset to getting around. But......... I predict once you have loaded tires, even turfs, you will be glad you did that. I loaded mine myself with antifreeze and ww fluid. That is the best and most economical for my use and situation.

I understand the fishing, goose and deer hunting are still REAL good.
Don't tell anyone else............

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Thanks for the input; this is just the sort of "been there, done that" I'm looking for. I have heard many times how snowed-in we'll be . . . hope to prove 'em wrong!

We've seen many, many deer and vast flocks of geese on our visits up to "the old country." Couldn't say on the fish!

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Didn't think to mention........... Just because you plow out to the road......
That don't mean the county or state have / will go by anytime soon.........
Have seen that more than once.
PM with the local you will be in. I might have flown into an airport near there..

Good luck
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Need pics of "your" tractor... On "your" turf. Stock internet photos don't count.

That is my actual tractor, not on my turf though. Sorry I don't have much for action shots yet, having trouble getting my next shot resized. I'll keep working on it.

Here is the tractor being "road tested" by one of my brothers, with MF 1655 in foreground.


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