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Expanable Pole Pruners - Electric or Gas

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Hello Everyone,

I'm seriously looking into the purchase of an expanable Pole Pruner.

I have a chain saw for the bigger jobs, but have a real need for something to go high and reach out. Do I go electric or gas....???

What do you have....and would you purchase it again.....???
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I have a trusty old fiskars manual pole pruner. I find I can easily cut more than my appetite to move or chip up. It'd be nice to have a powered pole pruner but I don't need anymore equipment to maintain. I'd go electric for around the house. There's no carb to gum up and they always start.

We had a church building work day. I showed up with 2 lb hand axe, pole pruner, and a lawnboy converted to a chipper. There were 2 chainsaws that showed up. The husky ruined the chain and the stihl was hard to start. But my hand axe was much faster at limbing, and the pole pruner was much faster than a ladder and chainsaw.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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