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I'm really considering purchasing this mower for $500 bucks.The gentlemen says he just used it at his house only. Ive used walk behinds in the past both scag and bob-cat but never ex-mark. To me from the pictures it looks pretty good. He said it has sat a while and he hired a lawn service a while back and is just trying to get rid of it. Judging by the pictures it looks good the bagger looks mint and so does the paint for it age it does not appear to be used much to me but ill get a better look soon.I am going to look at it Tuesday. What do you guys think of it? Is it a Metro belt drive I don't think it is a hydro or is it? Does it have reverse? What motor is on it a FC460v or a FC420v or something different. Anything to look out for on the Kawi. He says it has a pin hole in the muffler and carburetor needs cleaning. I looked around on the internet and found new mufflers for these to only be about thirty bucks (that sound right it don't to me) and there's a ex-mark dealer about 2 miles from me and there good people so that helps. Here is some pictures he has sent me. I'm not going to be using this commercially just for around the house to make things easier.
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