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Exhaust gasket delima need input

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Please help. The exhaust gasket on a Kohler CH16 S needs replacing but to do it the right way would involve completely destroying the studs that hold the muffler on which would then bring on even more issues to deal with. There is enough play in the exhaust tube to slide it away from the exhaust port then cut & remove the old gasket but not enough play to slide it past the studs to install the new gasket. Was wondering if the new gasket ears could snipped allowing it to be slid over the 2 studs then buttoned up and would it seal, what do y'all think? Thanks for any input and help, Rudy


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:thanku:Thanks a million for responding. I was really hoping that would be case and the gasket ears would really only hold it in place so the nuts could be tightened on the studs. Thanks again.
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