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Exhaust for Vanguard 16hp

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Anyone know how to find the right part number for a muffler on a Briggs Vanguard 16 hp engine? Looking at the Vanguard parts manual for the engine it lists multiple mufflers and even has an exhaust 1 and exhaust 2 section. Can't seem to find anywhere how to tell if my engine is 1 or 2.

Engine model/type number is 303447-0447-01. Code 94121311
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......Perhaps the manufacturer of the tractor lists the correct exhaust parts in their parts list.
I think one would be hard pressed to find a Craftsman tractor with a horizontal shaft Vanguard. Or most any other horizontal shaft V Twin.
I was simply pointing out why all the variations of exhaust systems in the Briggs parts list.
Nothing in the original post stated what the engine was to be put in, or if it was just to replace an existing exhaust.
But thanks for your snark anyway
This post is in the CRAFTSMAN Forum in case you didn't notice.
The OP already noticed the variations if you had actually read the original post.
I responded that a horizontal V Twin in a Craftsman tractor means something is "non standard" and meant to elicit more details.
Maybe he put a 1/2 twist in it?
Belt life would be short, but for racing, it probably isn't as much of an issue. You don't race to save money.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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