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Exhaust for Vanguard 16hp

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Anyone know how to find the right part number for a muffler on a Briggs Vanguard 16 hp engine? Looking at the Vanguard parts manual for the engine it lists multiple mufflers and even has an exhaust 1 and exhaust 2 section. Can't seem to find anywhere how to tell if my engine is 1 or 2.

Engine model/type number is 303447-0447-01. Code 94121311
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Found the source of my problem. The Vanguard engine on this tractor is from a Cub Cadet 1641. When the previous owner of the GT installed the engine he installed it backwards. Pictures I have seen of the 1641 shows the exhaust on the front of the tractor but this one has the exhaust by the steering wheel. I guess this explains why I have 3 reverse gears and 1 weak forward gear. Since there wasn't a belt on the tractor when I bought it, I just have to figure out how he had the belt rigged.

As far as my exhaust problem, no, I do not have access to a welder so I can't manufacture my own. I will just see what I can find out there in internet land that will work.
:tango_face_devil: That is a good one, how in heck did he do it?
I can only go by what he said but supposedly he raced it. The engine runs strong and will certainly be better when I clean the carb. Just going to take some wizardry magic to make the belts work.
Frankenstein is alive! I figured out my belt issue. Since the Vanguard engine's drive pulley is on the front of the engine and the engine is mounted backwards to fit on my GT6000, everything is in reverse. I had to switch around the two pulleys directly after the engine. I crossed the belt by the transmission so the counterclockwise motion of the engine pulley matches the backwards spin of the transmission pulley. Now I have 3 forward and 1 reverse like I should. I may have to put on a shorter belt or a larger pulley on the engine. In 3rd gear the belt slips for a few seconds the she goes like crazy.

Now to figure out why gas pours out of a metal tube on the carburetor after running for a few minutes. I know this is not technically a Craftsman issue, but if anyone has any ideas I am all ears.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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