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excavator for garden tractor

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first let me say im new to this site and have been looking over it the last few weeks and am amazed at all the info on here. you guys really know your wat around tractors and equipment. so i was wandering if anyone had built an excavator attachment or a back-hoe out of a garden tractor. if you have could you tell me how you did it and\or show some pics. thanks, chris
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welcome gtguy.
The cad loader people have plans for a backhoe you could build off a heavy gt. Also has a cat 0 backhoe coming out shortly.
thanks for the info. im a welder by trade and i was thinking on how it would be to build one to use around home. it occured to me that as much as ive seen on here that you guys have probably already built it and maybe could shorten the learning curb lol.
Some of the guys have built from these plans.

Get yourself a JD318, build one of p.f. engineering's backhoes, and if you like it you can build one for me as payback for turning you on to the site!
Hi Chris,

I have attached some pictures of the one that I made from a 1250 Cub Cadet.


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That is a beautiful rig! Are those of your own design?
I think the pf engineering link is a great source for plans. I'm waiting till I have some money but I plan on building one at some point.

hey thanks for showing it off i think its just the coolest thing. i didnt realize they had plans for them. i just figured you guys had "engineered" it yourselves. thanks again
I like the design and it looks like cub made it for the type of machine but they would put a bucket that would only fit a gallon of water, but yours is the perfect size. Cool looking.
this is a really well usable idea backhoe's are handy and not to mention a heck of alot of fun to work with here's a thought for you maybe you can play with the idea of fron mounting one like on a ditchwitch that can be removed.
We drove to PF Eng. ( I'm to cheap to pay for shipping) and looked at the machine and came home with the plans for the hoe and the loader.:fing32:

This is how far weve gotten, steel is ready to weld. But no coin for the Joysticks and Pistons etc. :(
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But no coin for the Joysticks and Pistons etc.
build it and they will come. Nice project hope you post more pics.
Chris, Check this site also. It's slow sometimes but will debut with a new hosting server Sep. 21st.
DMAC...looking for a picture and up date...??
Hi Chris,

I have attached some pictures of the one that I made from a 1250 Cub Cadet.
Ahhh, so your the one that was in Pontiac few weeks ago. :trink40:

I posted pics of your backhoe in this thread, page 3..

Sharp rig!!!
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