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Ever have one of those days?

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So, you all know I've been trying to find a good fixer upper. I had a lead on another two that I've developed over the last week. One was a nice 210 and the other was a decent 400. I was hoping to get one of them today. Well, turns out one of the owners decided to keep it in the family and the other one was bought out from underneath me by a guy who didn't see it and payed way too much for it. He believed the owner who said there were no problems with it. I had looked at it and there were plenty of problems with it but that's why I wanted it.

I guess the hunt continues. There's a nice 318 for a good price but it's too far away for me to go get it and I'm not sure my old truck can handle coming over the mountains with it.
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Yea been there was watching a Cub Cadet 682 all week on Ebay and thought I was going to get it.Then toward the end a few others decided they wanted it and started bidding away.Probably the sellers croanies who knows?If so he is stuck with it.
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