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Rims can be tough to judge if there are tires on them. The decay usually occurs on the inside. Outisde surface rust is usually only surface rust, and can be remedied. Look for decay around the valve stem signalling excessive interior rust...beyond that, it's a judgement call based on the overall condition.

Tires will often show weather checking, but usually, minor cracking isn't a big deal. The ones you have pictured are very nice tires. The Goodyears AG's are a popular tire. If they are in good condition, I could see that being a fair price with rims. If they are cracked pretty bad....I'd pass. If they are tubed, that might be a sign of decay combatted by the tubes (I have original '59 Shenuit tires on my Wonderboy that are tubed to hold air, but they still work fine that way). Some guys will tube them simply to run low PSI too.

That being said...I'd want a real nice pair of tires for $150. You can get new Carlisle Tru Powers in 10.5" for $200/pair, and rims are easy to come by. The ad looks like a nice set, and if they are tough to come by in your area, it might be worth grabbing them up.

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Thanks for the tips! I was wondering about tubes and whether or not it was a good idea to just tube them right off the bat or not.

So far, tire shopping has been tough for me because it seems like the prices are so wildly different from place to place that I have no idea if I'm getting ripped or not! Regardless, the B-1 tires are just disintegrating (literally falling apart), so it's time for a new set for certain!

- Nathan
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