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engineers delight

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Here's a real engineers delight: What could be simpler than taking the front wheel off a Craftsman tractor?
The answer is not much.

However, I've got a big question:

In my setup, there is a 25/32 axle. The book shows it with a clip on the end holding the whole works together.

Wouldn't ya know it, mine has some kind of nut.

Now, this nut is interesting. I've used SAE/Metric sockets in both 1/2" drive, and 3/8" drive. Not one thing in either set will fit it. It's closet to 11/16, but not exact.

The angle you have to have on it won't let me use pliers or Crescents.

I'm sitting here, having a libation, defeated.

Help me out. Make me smile again. What the heck do I need for this application???
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If I remember right, I needed to round up a 21/32 socket to use on a few bolts on my old roper 20T, Might be worth a shot.

Sears sells them, ( at least they use to), but they weren't included in any of the sets.. you had to buy it seperately.

If they make them, sounds like that's what I'll need. Autozone might have 'em. I'll check tomorrow.
Wonder if something like this would help...


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Wonder if something like this would help...
That thing looks like it could draw more blood than a double edged push dagger.....:Stop: :sidelaugh
I agree with Slipshod- fire up the gas axe! Then use a "normal" bolt/nut as a replacement.
Ditto of Stripmine, I had for got what that socket was for.
Make your own socket out of a chunk of pipe. Heat it up cherry and hammer it over progressively larger nuts until you get it to the right size and then quench it.
A pipe wrench fits all!..IF you have room enough to get one on the nut or bolt in question..I've resorted to welding another nut on top of one thats stripped or a weird size I have no wrench to fit before--take THAT!--problem solved!..:)
Last time I came across a 21/32" sized bolt head,was on the tranny mount in my '78 Chevy C-10 pickup--nothing in my tool box fit well enough to remove those bolts!..luckily I dug deep,and found the only 21/32" wrench I had,a craftsman open end one that looked older than was a bear to take those bolts out 1/8th of a turn at a time,but it worked!..

I bought a 21/32" socket shortly after that,and I dont recall ever using it again since!..or even know where it is,I know its not on my socket rack anymore!..

Speaking of weird sizes,I found a whole box of allen head bolts recently..I have tried EVERY allen wrench I own,Metric,SAE,and NONE fit those *** screws!..must be some weird size no one makes for "anti-theft" or something,is all I can figure..I ended up grinding a bigger one down to fit,and taped it to the box!..
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Did they make Whitworth in allen-type bolts? The British used Whitworth for a while. Any chance your bolts could be British?
Whatever it is, I got it loose with locke-tite pliers and a screwdriver turning it. We will win, in these situations
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