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Engine swap 149 to 1440 ?

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I have a 149 with a nice freshly rebuilt Kohler engine, and I might want to swap the engine to a very nice 1450 chassis, if it's not too complicated doing the mods. Of course the 149 has the old starter/gen and manual PTO clutch, so the 1450 charging system (with elec PTO) would have to be swapped - that's the bit I'm especially puzzled about as I'm not familiar with the way it's done in the 1450 in terms of mechanical layout. I know about the elec PTO clutch in theory, but not the 1450 alternator or generator setup/layout. Is a stator attached around the PTO shaft....or ?? Does anyone know of any overwhelming reasons why it might be more (mechanical) trouble than it's worth? Are they both 1" shaft? BTW, the electrical bit isn't a problem in terms of my ability - I'm just not sure how they did it (mechanically) on the 1440, not having had one apart. Advice welcome.
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Re: Engine swap 149 to 1440 ? - idea dropped, alas

Sorry for the tardy reply MurphyCC. I've been having ISP problems. Yes the PTO looks like it will bolt up, but it seems that I'd need to swap the charging system as well since I'm told that the old generator system can't produce enough power for the electric PTO at idle.
Update: as it happens, the whole issue has just become moot. Over the last few days, while I was busy fighting major internet connection problems, the owner of the 1450 sold it to someone else. :crybaby: Maybe that was for the best, but the idea to have my freshly rebuilt, purring like a kitten, Kohler engine on that pristine (one owner - always garaged and "babied") 1450 chassis was very tempting. I guess I'll go back to slowly restoring the rest of my 149, as originally planned. Thanks for the feedback.... Murphys' Law just intervened. "Best plans of" ...... sigh......
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