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engine starts... then stalls

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'64 Ford 2000 4 cylinder gas engine starts easily and runs for about 10-20 seconds then stops. It will start right up again and run for about 10-20 seconds and stop again. It will do that over and over again. It also stalls easily when the throttle is increased. It sounds like a fuel supply problem, maybe the carb. Is there a procedure for cleaning or rebuilding the carb or do you think its something else?
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:thanku: Novaz27 thats exactly why I came to the forum with the question, I would have never have thought to look at the condensor.
There is rust in the gas tank, that settles out in the glass gas filter. Maybe that's the cause. Any suggestions on how to fix that?
Thanks for all your suggestions. i finally got some time to dig into it. I disconnected the gasline at the carborator and there was barely a trickle of gas coming thru. As it turns out the line was clogged with particles of rust. After cleaning it it runs like a champ! Thanks again guys for all your help.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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