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Engine sputtered and died after running over a bump

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Hi guys,

Earlier today while clearing brush, I ran over a bump and the engine started cutting out.. A moment later it died. It would start up for a second or two the first couple of tries, then it wouldn't start at all.

The machine ran fine all day on the same tank of gas (more than half a tank still left). I've bled/primed the lines but it didn't help. Checked for loose wires - everything seems to be OK. It is a Caterpillar 3-cylinder (ASV track loader).

Any suggestions?
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i have noo clue. but did you jar a hose or something loose? sorry for not a better suggestion. hope you get it figured out.
Nothing is dripping under the tractor that I could see..
is it hard to shift gears?
Pull the carb apart. I wonder if your float got stuck. Also do you have spark? Could have a bad ground or bad coil etc.

This is diesel right? Have you confirmed fuel pressure?
This is diesel right? Have you confirmed fuel pressure?
What is the best way of doing that?
I'm guessing there is a place to connect a pressure gauge but you might have some idea about whether the pressure is normal when you were bleeding it.

When you crank it, can you smell diesel out of the exhaust?
Assuming you have spark...

Check your water separator to see if it is full of water, if so empty and reprime your fuel lines...

or is it empty...meaning you have loss prime...reprime your fuel lines...
Check the fuel supply system. Filter, tank screen and supply line. If the tank is contaminated, it could be plugging the fuel supply. Running over something can shake the tank and stir anything up as some sediment can lay in the bottom of the tank. This is a cheap fix, but, if it's the pump, that's another story. PJ
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My wild guess is that there is a little water in the tank and the bump may have allowed a slug of water in the fuel lines?
I had a vehicle that ran well on smooth ground but would fuel starve on rough terrain. Turned out to be dirt in the tank that would get stirred up. Let it sit for a while and the dirt would settle back down. By the time I got a pressure gauge on the fuel line, it would test out fine. Drove me crazy for a while before I figured it out. Ran it for a while with the pressure gauge hanging in the cab.
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