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Yep, me again, sorry.

My 16.5 HP B&S IC engine was running great, little puff of smoke on start up, but none when running. It has been fumey before (fumey as in smelly) but not smokey.

Now it's gone all smokey on me. If I let it idle it starts to cough and splutter a bit and starts weeping smoke. Give it a rev and the cough goes away.

It still has plenty of power, more than a ride on needs, but there's no belt on the deck at the moment so no doubt that will suck a bit of power away. At the back of the motor where the accelerator cable connects in there is a plastic slide thing, about 1"x1", this slides when you move the accelerator and the revs pick up. Behind that is a vertical shaft about 3" long. If I put pressure on that steel shaft in one direction the motor conks out, push it the other way and the motors revs, faster and easier than it does with the accelerator actually.

It blows quite a bit of smoke if a rev the motor using this stick shaft thing, does that mean anything ???

The smoke is quite smelly, it smells like burnt oil and is blue'ish smoke.

It's come on reasonably suddenly, but revs easily and has oodles of power.

Any chance it might be something simple ?

Any test I can do to narrow it down or show that maybe it's NOT the rings ???


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Well I am not sure exactly what you are doing but it sounds to me like the head gasket is bad, very common with that engine. I have detailed instructions on adjusting the valves and head bolt torque which you will need if you decided to change the head gasket. Address below, put in proper format and remind me.

You should be able to download a free Service Manual at - Charts/

Walt Conner
wconner5 at frontier dot com
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