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I just got my mower two weeks ago off a guy who had let it sit for a couple years. I cleaned out the nest in the cooling fins on the engine, replaced the magneto because the cable had been gnawed on and the plug end rusted off. I also installed a new fuel filter and fuel line. It ran mostly fine prior what I did and also before I buttoned everything up. One thing I did do was run the engine for a second to make sure the new magneto functioned correctly without the fuel line connected to the carb. Now the engine won't start, it will turn over, has spark, and fuel is getting to the carb. Could my running the engine without the fuel line caused the carb to not want to take in fuel into the bowl? Do I need to prime it in some way or is a safety switch getting me that I can't figure out. It's been a long time since I've worked on a carburetor.

The engine btw is a 16.5 hp Briggs I/C and the mower is a Yard Machines, if that can help.

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So--- Mighty Mouse built a condo in your engine... I hate those lil buggers!!:banghead3

Sounds like a fuel problem.. Use an eye dropper and put a little gas in the carb throat or into the plug hole and see if it fires.. Let us know if that don't work:thThumbsU
I tried putting a little gas down the carb and no go. When I checked the plug it was sparking, but could it be the new spark plug is not gapped right or defective or could it be something with the new fuel line and filter. The exhaust comes out a bit hazy, so I would assume it is getting fuel though.
If you have an old fuel tank left from some other project, put a two foot fuel line and connect it directly to the carb. I have one of these that I put a shutoff valve on just for that purpose. Make sure it is higher than the carb, and try to start it. Your needle valve could be stuck. You did not say if you had cleaned the carb so that would be the first thing I would do.

I keep a can of starting fluid in several places in my shop, and use it frequently to try to get stubborn engines started. If that does not work and I am getting air and spark, I blame the carb.
Well, I got it running. It was the spark plug gap that was killing me. I didn't know what to gap it to for this engine, but I closed it up a bit and she started right up.

Thanks for the input!
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