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engine case argggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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10 HP Briggs, while trying to pry off the flywheel, I punctured a hole in the top of the case. (I did try to use the pulley first but it still wouldn't budge so I used a large screw driver to help, bad move). Anyway their is a small square hole, around 1 inch by 1/2 inch. Can a patch be welded over the whole or can you patch it with JB weld? Any other ideas?

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Not sure but a picture might help............might as well try and fix it , nothing to lose :(
If larger holes in the side of the block can be patched when the connecting rods let go I am sure a small hole in the top can be patched.
I patched a 10 hp BS block holed by a parted rod with linen cloth (bed sheet) & contact/rubber cement. The patch held my brothers until they moved up to dirt bikes (2 + yrs.). Might want to take some pains with the crankcase breather.
An acquaintance of mine patched a hole in the block of a 4010 JD tractor with a regular fiberglass repair kit, and it held for as long as he owned the tractor.
Job completed. I tipped the engine over and was able to power rinse the inside of the case with cleaning solvent and a little 12 volt pump that I rigged up. There were two broken pieces that washed right on out. I then cleaned the outside of the case, patched the hole with JB Weld and a piece of aluminum. I also drilled and screwed the patch on as well. She fired right up and ran great. Hooray.

Thank you all for you advice.
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