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Jumpy Tractor?
Not as fast in Forward?

Brand new version that is bigger and stronger than the first version AND no drilling of the control lever.

It can be fixed and act like it did when it was new. This assembly once installed will change your tractor.

This linkage will fit, 200, 400, 3000, and 4000 series tractors. It replaces items 5-10 in the speed control parts diagram that is in this post. The exception is the very early tractors. Check to see if your parts match the diagram parts.

Now you will not need to drill the travel control lever as the new link fits the existing hole. And, this is a big and, no wimpier inline link, item 8, that has always worn out first. $45 is for local pick up. Search Case Ingersoll Jumpy Tractor on eBay or Item #: 264330774882 for shipped price and purchase.

Or you can find the parts yourself. You would need a 1/4" x 20 right angle end with stud, a section of 1/4 -20 threaded rod, a yoke with 1/4-20 threads and a 5/16" hole, a 5/16" pin, two 1/4-20 nuts for lock nuts and one with serrated washer for self-locking, and a 5/16-28 male threaded ball end with a 5/16" hole. And lastly the 1" OD and 1/2" ID thrust washer for the control lever pivot point.

I have posted videos to help you understand the installation on my Facebook page; Hemlock Case Guy.

I work on these special tractors enough to find things that could be done better and for not a lot of money. That is a key point, right. I have not found many things that a new factory part would not fix, though.

Please contact me for any help you may need. And check my Facebook page Hemlock Case Guy. I have posted how-to videos and other generally helpful information there. Other than this special part, I am not a parts seller. In fact all the parts I buy to fix tractors, I pay sales tax on them. But, my facebook page does have sources for part dealers.

Traditionally, those that were at least partially aware of the fix would replace the Travel Control Valve inline link. It is C19025 from a parts dealer. Then if you really want to take out the slop you replace the plastic washer that the control lever pivots in C21518/C44383, which replaces a plastic washer with a bronze thrust washer. Reference the parts manual page.

What I found is all that does really help. But, the control rod gets worn and it makes the hole in the control lever bigger as well. You can replace the control rod, C18742, but you still have the worn out hole in the control lever problem. All the replacement parts, shipped, from a dealer would be almost $50 and not fix the control rod slop.

I have a kit that I searched every crevice of the internet for and found parts that are way overkill and some that are exact duplicates. Way overkill is a rock-solid replacement of the control rod with a bolt that goes into the sloppy hole replacement. And it is the most heavy duty control rod end made for the application. And now I went even further and have a way more robust replacement of the inline joint.

It is not an easy place to get into. The 3 digit tractor has the front PTO lever in the way of the travel control lever for changing the washer. The 4 digit tractor you must remove the assembly with the switches and the neutral safety switch in it. I usually do this when I have the engine and hydraulic tank out of the tractor. It is very easy to do at that point.
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