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electricals with YT12

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I worked on the freebie YT12 today. I put jumper cables to the ground and positive cables, nothing happened using the keyswitch. Then I touched the positive cable directly to the starter side of the solenoid and it spun the mnotor just fine, and I had a strong spark.

I cleaned up all the connections and ground wires. I am thinking the ignition switch is shot. It was totally rusty and hard to turn the key.

I plan to jump the terminals in the connector to see if I can get the electrical system to work that way. That would tell me something about the switch.

Before I spend money, any other tips on diagnosis?
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Could be a safty switch,seat,deck ect.If all the safty bypassed,check continuity of the switch.
It was the cluth safety switch. I shorted across that and it fired up. The key switch still needs replacing, it won't make ground to shut of the engine.

The engine ran a little rough, but that's to be expected after sitting outdoors uncovered for a few years. Both cylinders fire, it ran up to what sounds like nominal rpm, and was pretty smooth for short periods of time.

Now it's on to the transmission. The previous owner told me he had problems with it, tore it down, couldn't figure it out, and put it back together and left it in his yard, which is how I found it. I got it to move about 5 feet before it stopped turning. No amount of jerking back and forth or shifting the hi-lo range would get it going again.

I see Partstree sells lists a complete tranny for $1600, which means one of two things:

a. I fix this transmission on my own, or
b. I part out the tractor and deck on this forum or Ebay

Who knows how to rebuild these Snapper dual-range trannys? Can it be done?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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