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electrical problem

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I have a 1967 112 that I am almost done rebuilding. I have a few things left like the whole electrical system,carb,and condeser. My first question is for the motor to turn over do I need the condeser hooked up? If I dont need that hooked up then this tractor Has once again stumped me. I am 99% sure that I have all wires hooked up in the correct spot and I have good connections all the way around. When I turn the key I get nothin, the battery is good because when I ground the negative cable I get a spark. Last night I had 14 gauge wire running to the starter and when I turned the key the wires on the starter started sparkin. Then I figured it was because the old starter wires were bigger than 14 gauge that I would just use them to see if it would turn, and once again nothing. So far the only thing I can think of is that I need the condeser???? Also I was wondering wich way does the volt regulator sit on the battery tray are the three connectors up or down, my book doesnt show a good pic. Any help greatly appreciated.
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How/what is the best way to find shorted wires? So I take it the condeser doesnt matter????????
I am not trying to run it im just trying to make sure all the wiring is right before I put the gas tank on and everything. It does have nuetral safety switch and neutral start switch wich arent hooked up but I didnt think that matters..............does it?
I have the skematic but I cant figure out what I did wrong
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