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Hey Gang,

This is a link to a web album which documents the rebuild of my electric PTO clutch on my Bolens. I figured I would post it here since the process would apply to most any brand of garden tractor.

A little background:

I recently repowered my Bolens with a Honda v-twin. In the process I screwed up my original clutch and had to find a replacement or figure out how to rebuild mine.

I ended up doing a bit of both. I bought a clutch for an Ariens GT16 off of eBay. The pulley and clutch plate on that clutch were bad. On my clutch the pulley and clutch plate were good, but the rotor was warped and the field coil was fried.

I pulled them both apart, replaced the bearing with a new one, and reassembled it all using the good pieces from each.

The total cost for everything was about $75 vs. $700 for a new one. I know that a lot of clutches are $200-$300 but not this one. I don't know why it is so expensive, but as long as I can rebuild mine for $75 or less, I don't care.

I hope this info helps somebody out.


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I have the same Ogura clutch on my Bunton ZTR, and on mine the field has gone bad (shorting out). If I understand you correctly, the Ariens GT16 field coil and 4-bolt mounting plate fits; were there any other brands you found that worked? I am trying to avoid buying a new one, although I did find a vendor who will sell the whole assembly new for $350.

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