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Electric lift questions???(suburban)

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Are new electric lifts available?(if so how much?)How much are originals worth,and do they use the same arm's the standard 3 point?Any help would be great!
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I haven't seen an electric lift yet but, The hydraulic lift I saw on an old suburban looked like the top link was just a small hydraulic cylinder. It was kind of interesting as the pump looked a lot like a power-steering pump.

As for an electric lift I think you could get away with a Linear actuator.

Something like this, I am not sure what length of travel or load rating you would need though.

That looks very similar to what the guy on Youtube has. Plus one other piston.
idk but the ones for our sears had a 250 pound lifting rateing and the way the hitch is it will lift about 500 pounds or more i have one if you need any pics
ray the sears man,
Could you post some pictures of your lift? Also If you could take a couple measurements of the lift cylinder retracted and extended that would tell us what the travel range is.

yes i will as soon as i get to (raining here) and i think it is about 4 1/2 inchs
I just bought the one for sale in the classifieds section. :D
I just bought the one for sale in the classifieds section. :D
Nice !! I never look add the Classifieds. :fing20:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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