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I have no experience with electric hydraulic Gravelys. This is my first one. Does this sound normal, with the whine becoming a squeal when it is at full cycle up or down?

Does this sound normal?

Also, on my mechanical hydraulics, I can adjust the pressure, which I had to do when I put a blower onm the front. I had to adjust it from 400psi to 1000psi. Can this/should this be done with the electric punp?


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Yes, the change in sound at the end of the travel is normal.

There is no adjustment of pressure with the electric/hydraulic system.

Also, very important, there are a number of specific addendum's for using this system.

The rock shaft is different, and it has two holes in the upper arm where it attaches to the ram cylinder.

You are supposed to relocate the ram to the upper hole for use with front mounted attachments like the snow blower.

My lift will not lift my snowblower without making this change, even with the lift assist aux frame and springs installed.

I installed a clevis pin in place of the bolt to make the changeover easier:

The last picture shows the ram connected to the lower hole, which you need/want to do for mid mount attachments which need more travel and where you want more speed.

In general I have found that running lift assist springs with the electric/hydraulic lift, or really with either lift, has several advantages.

For one it limits rattle and smooths out operation. It also makes the electric/hydraulic lift faster.

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