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ELEC. PTO switch

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I was just wondering what would be involved in going from a mech. Pto and a elec. Besides the key way does it bolt to the wind screen or something.Well I just was curious about it :thanku:
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I think going from a manual PTO clutch to an electric PTO clutch would be easy. Keyway slot in the hub,a switch, and safety wiring. Going the other way would be far more difficult because of the missing linkage.
I will tell you it is a bad idea. The mechanical PTO is far more reliable and longer lasting, it can be rebuilt to like new for very little money if necessary. The electric clutch is a throwaway that cost $300+ to replace. So, why would anyone want to replace a mechanical PTO?
Saw a used one on ebay and both my bearings went kaput. As things all ways go they took out a big chunk of the pulley. Maybe the pulley through out the bearings .Ether way right now it wont mow.The guy I got it from only plowed snow with it for like ten years.I had to replace the clutch plate cause it was all cracked.I followed the directions all good mowed all right once I leveled out the deck (yay).I just wounder if no use cracked it or he new it was so he stopped using it.Well that's were I am at thanks for any info cause the grass still grows and push mowing sucks.
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There is a clutch service manual available to download on the CGT group on yahoo that is very helpful. The clutch friction disk is easily replaced as are the other parts including bearings. Total cost to replace most typical wear items is less than $100 and when you're done the clutch should last many years with little attention.
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If you had an electric PTO on hand or a modified automotive a/c compressor clutch (which is pretty much all they are) and a real need/desire, I could see it. Otherwise, like said, the Case mechanical clutch can't be beat.

The best advise you will get is to "rebuild your clutch!" $100 invested now should give you 15 to 20 years of trouble free service! The electric may be good for 10 at a cost of $350, and has been known to lose ground, and ground through the crank shaft, wiping out the bearings. Then you replace both clutch and engine! True, it doesn't happen often, nor to everyone! Depends to some degree on how lucky you feel!
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I would like to hear more about the " modified automotive A/C clutch" ....
"he mechanical PTO is far more reliable and longer lasting,"

AND a mechanical PTO can be eased in without the sudden shock of an electric PTO.

I have 3 brand new, never used, electric PTO clutches for $100 ea. plus shipping, One is a double pulley one, all 3 are different styles.

Walt Conner
wconner5 at verizon dot net
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I would like to hear more about the " modified automotive A/C clutch" ....
You'd have to get it to fit the shaft and then worry about belt sheave diamaters.. Way too much trouble for what it's worth. Something like this:|39%3A1|72%3A1171
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