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El cheap-o tire chains!

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My wife and I took a trip to Habitat for Humanity restore on Friday just to see if they had anything we might be able to use for our daughters room which we are redoing for her. While looking around I came across an automotive section, they had some tire chains for cars so I bought all of that they had, two sets and a single tire chain (5 total) for $4.00 each. I was thinking I could cut a set down and make them fit the front tires on my tractor and with the others I will make my 4 link chains into 2 link chains. best part is it only cost me $20 bucks.
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Great find! thats what i use on my 180LT work great.
Great score at a great price.

I just happened to look over to the right place at the right time and spot a restore in my area. I didn't know that we had one, but I will definitely go back and check them out. I love what they do and help whenever I can.
Cheap is good , ....never know when a deal comes along...:thThumbsU
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