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Anybody have experience with this company? Are they located in the US, Asia, other?
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Never heard of them, but on their contact page they have the address as:
1007 Valley Road
Valley Twp. Pa. 19320
Where did you find that on their site? I cannot find any address, only phone.
I intended to call them today to find out for sure but the day got a way from me. I am a bit skeptical after an experience several years ago. The site by all indications was for a US based company. Even their warehouse was only 4-5 hours drive away. However all financial transactions were processed in a foreign country. I got hit up with additional foreign transaction fees.

I disputed the fees with VISA and won because their site never actually said where company was located outside the US.

The address on the EEZS site does not clearly indicate that the address is theirs. In fact it is in a box with a different name and I have no idea who that entity is. So perhaps a phone call will clear things up.

Still curious if anyone here on MTF has any first hand experience with
I purchased 3pt Hitch parts 3 years ago, shipped to Canada, no problems and better than expected quality.
Cat-1 or cat-0 parts?
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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