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eclipse rocket

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I really really want this!!! but.. i dont have any $$$$$ at all!!! OMG! SO i will call him tomorrow and c what he'll take for it. Since i am going to have neighbors itll make them wonder what the heck i am up to!
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Only used a reel once...on my Gravely.That thing slung grass up in the air like it was raining grass the whole time you were mowing.
Very cool it. Tell the seller you want it.....see if they'll hold it.
Well I wouldve told him that except I don't have $50! Wow I'm yereiblevi blew it all on mower related things and fixing my car I traded a mower for!
get it!

if you dont have 50 tell him and maybe you can trade or barter
That is an extremely nice old mower. It is worth the money.
Got a good old Briggs engine on it, I have a Briggs 6S, those things are solid.
Wowzers! :eek:mg:

Mine is a 6B-SF

Can you borrow the $ ?

B & S will provide the manual for it free of charge!

If I was in your area, I'd buy it right out from under you! :eek:mg:
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Well i talked to him and its the owner of the small engine shop and hes firm so maybe he'll trade for a ******** mower that runs and then dies that i dont want to deal with. Its a nice mower but its just a ********
and he said no.... what a turd hes got a ton of mowers he says
and he said no.... what a turd hes got a ton of mowers he says
No offense bud, but I wouldn't give up that old Briggs mower for a Craftsman.....:hide:
Thats a very reasonable price for that. Older you go the more $$$ you need to obtain.
Nah I won't let it go he was playing the I have had tons of calls and it's hard to find it on clear maybe my mom will lend me untill I can pay her
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