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Early Model 1984 thru 1987 Case IH 2096

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I recently purchased some property in which a Case IH 2096 came with. I've been basically using the Case to pull a 14' frail mower which has been doing a good job. I parked it last weekend, it was running good when I parked it but tried running this weekend which I could not get it to move.

The problem: tractor fires up fine but the transmission will not engage. It's almost as if there may me a switch or some type of safety holding it out. I did check the cables running to the transmission case and they appear okay and moving properly.

Details: for those familiar with it, it has the Powershift lever that is separate from the actual gear levers. The Powershift lever appears to be connected to some type of electrical switch that may engage a solenoid or something...really I don't know. I also tried tracing out the wiring from the Powershift switch but could not not.

Any help would be appreciated........

Also maybe someone can answer the following questions:
1.) I thought I'd check to see if any fuses are blown but as ridiculous as it sounds I can't find the fuse box...FYI, the tractor is equipped with a cab.

2.) I'd also like to order a shop manual for it but according to the CASE website I need to know the serial # in order to get the correct one....any idea where the serial number is located on the tractor??

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In case you haven't fixed it yet.
You had better have a dealer look at that shifter some of those electronics are to expensive to just change out.

Product ID is above the rear window with cab or on left fender without cab.

BTW 2096 was a great tractor that did very well on fuel.
There is a diagnostic module part #CAS-1712 that will diagnos the problem. The only problem is that it is discontinued and can't be found. There are several thing that you can check. Check the fuese box on the dash just left of the steering collum should be a 20amp and 1amp in the third row from the right. These should have power all the time if the key is on. If not press the cluch and see if you have power on them. If you do when the clutch is pressed check the engine oil pressure sending unit wires. I know it sounds strange but trust me, that is where it gets the power from. Jump these two wires at the sending unit and see if you are get power on the fuse with the cluch up. Other than that you have the control module, clutch, declutch, control module, and rotary switch. Hope this helps.
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