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Hey there. New to the forum. I use a 40 year old tractor to regularely mow my 2.5 acres in NC. Some parts are finally starting to wear out and some things need fixin. This forum seems like the place to be to get the answers to my tractor fixin questions.

Right off, does anyone know anyone who works on old cadets in the Charlotte area? While I can fix some things, my garage is not equipped to handle other things.

I'm fairly certain that my front axle needs some maintenance and I do not have the time to get into it right now...yet my grass continues to grow!

Thanks !!!

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:MTF_wel2:Glad you joined!
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Welcome to the forum:MTF_wel:

Here's a list of Cub Cadet Bone yards were you be able to get alot of IH parts and you can also get alot of IH parts through MTD as well still.

Cub Cadet Bone Yards
1. Bone Yard & Cub Dealer
2. Bone Yard
3. Bone Yard
4. Bone Yard & Cub Dealer
5. Bone Yard
6. Remaufactured IH Cub Parts
7. Bone Yard
8. IH Cub Cadet Manuals
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