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duratrac hydraulic filter question

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What kind of hydraulic filter are people using with the duratrac tractors?

I just got my new to me gt2000 up and running and I'm looking to change all fluids and filters to make sure It's got the right stuff in it. After looking in the duratrac service manual they kind of sound the alarm bell in regards to using the appropiate filter they state
"Use only genuine bolens replacement filters substitute filters may have an built-in bypass valve which could damage the hydraulic system (see page 6-3)" Page 6-3 says "When the fluid passes from the attachment valve, it then flows to the hydraulic filter. The filter is located immediately ahead of the hydrostatic transmission to provide complete filtering of the fluid prior to entering the charge portion of the hydrostatic unit, where clean fluid is a major requirement. The operating charcteristics of the hydrostatic are such that a deficiency of charge fluid will result in a noticeable loss of performance, whereas introduction of contamination wouls result in permanent damage before the operator would be aware of any change in performance. Therefore the filter has no provision for a filter by-pass, which could allow contamination to enter the unit. THIS EMPHASIZES THE IMPORTANCE OF USING ONLY GENUINE BOLENS REPLACEMENT FILTERS VERSUS A GENERIC SUBSTITUTE WHICH MAY HAVE A BUILT-IN BYPASS VALVE." So I had taken the bolens part number to the parts store and they crossed it to a napa filter and on the package it says as one of it's selling points "with safety by-pass valve *....*when applicable"

So I have reservations about using this one, so can anyone set me straight as to the appropiate filter to use. thanks ken
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If you know the NAPA number for it, I can look in my Wix catalog in the numerical listings section and see if it does in fact have a bypass valve,and what PSI it opens at..Napa uses Wix numbers,minus the first digit..IE, a "51515" Wix,is a Napa 1515..
the napa # is 1307.. thanks
I don't have an answer for your question, but I do have a Troy Bilt GTX-20 that uses the same filter (99% sure) and I'll be curious to see if the NAPA filter will work.

This forum is a great resource!

The Wix 51307 filter is listed as an oil filter (LUBE) to fit 64-92 Volvo cars,has a by-pass valve,rated to open at 13-19 lbs..also has an anti-drainback valve as well...has a 3/4"x16 thread,a height of 3.812",and the gasket on the base dimensions are 2.462 I.D. and 2.834 O.D.....hope that helps you out..
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I hate bringing old threads back to life, but this was never answered properly and many people, myself included, like to refer to this forum for help.

The Napa/Wix 1307 which Wix crosses to from the Bolens number is physically the correct size but does have the internal bypass that Bolens recommends against.

I used Fram's online cross reference feature and they cross the Bolens number (1726450) over to a similar filter with no bypass. Fram also shows you the cross over to most other brands but many or those brands don't have bypass info on their websites so I haven't listed them here.

Anyway, here is Fram's number and the correct Wix numbers:

Fram PH2844
Wix 51410 (21 micron filtering)
Wix 57102 (10 micron filtering)

The theory on the bypass thing is that a clogged filter with no bypass is still keeping the oil clean and the reduced flow will be easily noticed by the operator, while a filter in bypass will not affect performance but the dirt in the oil will be slowly hurting the hydraulic pump and you will not notice until it is too late.

Real world... anyone that is even on this site and reading this will probably be changing the hydraulic filter often enough for this never to be a problem.:fing32:
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Some really great information! Thanks. I'm about 2/3rds the way done with the diesel conversion on my GT2000 and will need to change the Hydro filter shortly. Does Bolens reccommend 10 or 21 micron filtering?
Thanks again for your efforts,
Good question. I haven't been able to find specs on the original filter, only the currently available one from MTD. I believe theirs is 30 micron?? Of course, I wouldn't expect theirs to match original specs, either.

I will mention the 10 micron Wix filter costs close to three times the 21 micron one....

I also came across a recent post on here for an equivalent 10 micron filter for $4 but the poster hadn't received or tried it yet.
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Wix 57102 (10 micron filtering)

is $35 for two through I think that's inexpensive for a filter you might change every year or two, considering the cost of the hydraulics it protects.
Lumpys22 - I don't know about the Duratec hydro filter, but based on this posting from Steevo:

I ordered this 10-micron filter from Surplus center. I'll see if it fits when it arrives.
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I ordered this filter from surplus center, and it fit my HT-23 with Eaton Model 11 hydro just fine. Eaton recommends a 10 micron filter for the model 11.
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I guess I'll stop a NAPA tomorrow and see what they get for the 10 micron filter. Thanks for the warning about being expensive.
Well they ordered the filter and I picked it up today. Price was $16.00. I didn't think that was too bad. With out a discount I don't know what the price would be. They said the list price was $40.00. I do wonder if they have ever sold one for that price though.
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