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Duplicate PIN (personal Identification number) and ESN (Engine serial number)

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Yes Virginia, Scarlett, and Darla, it can happen if you keep trying and persevere.

What you might say? Is this more lunacy? Well, of course it is if you want something to continue working for it hard enough.

I'm talking about finally getting all my duplicate PIN and ESN tags from Mother John Deere.

I restored a John Deere 322 this past year. I didn't know I was supposed to have PIN and ESN tags on the tractor.

Once I found out (because of needing parts for this, that, and the other), I started my quest in getting those tags remade.

There is a form from John Deere you need to fill out to start with from your dealer. In my case, I had to have a deputy sheriff come out to see the tractor, then run a VIN to see if it was stolen. Nope - clean in my case!

Then, I had to fill out the rest of the form and take it back to my dealer. It took about 3 months for the PIN, but still no ESN. Grrrrr.....

So, back to the drawing board. Unfortunately, the field representative went to work with yet another dealer, and I had to start over on the ESN.

That's been back since June of this year.

Today, I dropped by my dealer after not hearing anything for a long time, and had to buy some parts. I checked with the new representative, and he had my new ESN in his desk!

I'm happier than a wash woman on pay day. Though the tag itself is much bigger than the area on top of the engine than it is supposed to be, I have the cross referencing from the PIN to the ESN and vice versa now.

Yes, it can be done. Photos attached.

Now then, you know about Scarlett (Gone with the Wind), Virginia (Santa), but who's Darla?

She's from Spanky and Our Gang.



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Cool Beans Gurtrude! :thThumbsU
Awesome. I have the utmost respect for anyone who cares enough about what they do to approach it with perfection. Congrats! :trink39:
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