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dump trailer for bolens H16XL

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I'm going to buy a small excavator this spring and need a small dump trailer to move the dirt away. so the questions:
have any of you made somthing like this.
how big a load can I pull with this tractor.
can I run a hydraulic tipp cylinder of the hydrostatic drive (Eaton 11), it allready runs the small lift cylinder for the mover deck.
or am I better off installing a power steering pump from a car to deal with the hydraulics.

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This trailer was built out of mostly rectangular tube and treated plywood.

The three point hitch dumps it!!

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The lighter the trailer, the more load you can haul.


When I started hauling really heavy loads, I added the three 2x4's.
Country Manufacturing company makes reasonably priced dump trailers. On their home page, look down the left side navigation for "Wagons & Trailers". Example: 6 ft bed 1 ton trailer for $510 in 2012, shipping not included; they will give you a quote on the shipping. The hydraulic cylinder is also optional but c'mon, that's mandatory with a 1 ton load. :dunno:

They have larger trailers. I'm thinking with an excavator you are planning to move significant earth. Can the GT handle it? Depends on the grade and how bumpy the ground is - I don't know if a drawbar load is specified for GTs.
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