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dropping deck

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Are most JD mowers easy to remove the mowing deck? I am looking at buying one of the following 345, GT275 or GX325. I will probably use it more for pulling a small manure spreader and a cart some of which is in hilly terrain and I wanted to be able to easily remove the deck.
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i cna't speak for those specifically, but on both my L130 and my X500 it is a matter of pulling about 4 pins and releasing the belt. on teh l130 you have to grab teh idler pulley with a wrench to relase belt tension, on teh X500 you grab a lever.

either machine i can remove the deck AND reinstall it in under 5 minutes.
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my la 145 is so easy i remove deck each cutting to clean it.
Piece of cake, you can drop and remove the deck in less than 2 minutes after you've done it a couple of times. I timed myself on my X748SE, and it has the added step of having to remove the brush guard. Takes an extra minute to reinstall.

I can remove my GT235 deck in about the same amount of time, which has almost identical attachment as the GT275 and GX you mention.
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On my gx345 its simple to put the deck off. Takes about 5 minutes.

For me takin' the deck on or off is that simple that I do it everytime I mow, since we use the tractor for so many other things it's a pain to have the deck on all the time (2 - 3 minutes on a X748). Easier to execute maintenance also.
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