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Currently, I am selling on eBay, the custom made spindles that were on a Wheel Horse pulling tractor. They seem to be popular, so I am showing how these are made.

Using 1 1/2" x 1/4" flat stock, Part A was created from 3 pieces. If you are adept at metal work, I believe a one piece "C" shape would be better. After drilling the holes, Part B is welded to Part A. Note that the two spindles are mirror opposites.

The large 3/4" bolt needs to be long enough to fit the wheels you are using. After it is inserted in the spindle the head is welded in place A Nylock nut is used to secure the wheel. The spindle pivots on a 1/2" Fine bolt secured with a 8 grade lock nut.

The original spindles lowered the axle approx. 4 inches.


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