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Driveway rock

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So we have some new property as of 3 today! We have a 500' right of way. It has some stone as a base. It's the large fist size. But now I need to put some base down. Late this summer/fall I'll end up black topping it. So, my question is: what do I put down now that will act as a good drive way while I work out there, begin to build two houses in the spring and will serve as a base for black top?
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We hear use what is called crush and run, 3/4" blue stone with some kind of filler and it works very well. We have lots of hills so about every 4-6 months it has to be scraped back up. My driveway is 200' and after 7 years I just had to lay down another 6 tons and could use some more. Some nut:howdy: planted trees so the big 25 ton truck can no longer make it to the driveway so I have to buy it in smaller loads. Price was $18.50 per ton.

Stone dust is the 'filler' in the 21 A or B (which is crush/run) that you are talking about...the dust , when wet--is what adheres and holds it all together....You want the big stone on the bottom--then the base wil eventually sift down thru it....

Different names in different areas.....:dunno:

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