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Driveway rock

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So we have some new property as of 3 today! We have a 500' right of way. It has some stone as a base. It's the large fist size. But now I need to put some base down. Late this summer/fall I'll end up black topping it. So, my question is: what do I put down now that will act as a good drive way while I work out there, begin to build two houses in the spring and will serve as a base for black top?
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After years of dreading each "Mud Season" we finally bit the bullet and had a contractor remove ~175 yards of "driveway" and replace it with 180 yards of ballast rock, rock, and finisheded/topped with crusher run. We also had it lined with geotextile material. We have not had a problem with rutting, pooling, hydrostatic pumping since :). The driveway itself is ~150'. And I have been able to keep it maintained since :D
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We had a serious problem with run off, pooling, rutting, hydrostatic pumping- the mud would suck down everything I would dump on it and periodically it would eject select fill with each frost upheaval. We have not had any problems since we put down geotextile material under the fill. It is pretty expensive. I believe that this kind of material would help if frost heaving is a problem with paving in your area.

Nice job with the ditchwork :thThumbsU :trink39:
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If I remember correctly the woven geotextile material was 15' wide. It was laid as a single sheet with 2' seam overlaps. We pinned it down as it was laid.
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