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Driveway rock

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So we have some new property as of 3 today! We have a 500' right of way. It has some stone as a base. It's the large fist size. But now I need to put some base down. Late this summer/fall I'll end up black topping it. So, my question is: what do I put down now that will act as a good drive way while I work out there, begin to build two houses in the spring and will serve as a base for black top?
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T-base which has many different trade names, but all it is is recycled asphalt from road repaving projects.
It's cheap ,packs well and is a good base.
I have just over 500' of road and around here (MA) it costs about 350 bucks a tractor trailer load (25+ tons), you will need two to three loads if not more :Stop: it adds up quick :fing32:
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Is it a solid base of large rock? If so, some smaller rock (with fines) may work well to smooth off the drive. Usually 1" minus with fines will blend in, fill the voids, and set up well.

About the best drive base material (in my opinion) is crushed concrete, or crushed concrete mixed with crushed asphalt. (con-bit) Straight crushed asphalt also works, but if you're planning on paving when the heavy truck traffic is done, I don't recommend paving over it. It bonds funny, and you could end up with an uneven surface in a few years.

To do a 500' drive, 12' wide, 4" thick; you need 75 cubic yards.
I did the crushed concrete things years ago and found that it got real mushy in the spring season for some reason. After a few years I did blue stone w/fines over it and you are right it worked, but the cost!
Last year I did the t-base which I also packed, so far holding up well. In fact going to get some more loads for another area I want for parking.

P.S. After winning mega-bucks and if we don't move I will pave it :thThumbsU
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