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Driveway rock

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So we have some new property as of 3 today! We have a 500' right of way. It has some stone as a base. It's the large fist size. But now I need to put some base down. Late this summer/fall I'll end up black topping it. So, my question is: what do I put down now that will act as a good drive way while I work out there, begin to build two houses in the spring and will serve as a base for black top?
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Is it a solid base of large rock? If so, some smaller rock (with fines) may work well to smooth off the drive. Usually 1" minus with fines will blend in, fill the voids, and set up well.

About the best drive base material (in my opinion) is crushed concrete, or crushed concrete mixed with crushed asphalt. (con-bit) Straight crushed asphalt also works, but if you're planning on paving when the heavy truck traffic is done, I don't recommend paving over it. It bonds funny, and you could end up with an uneven surface in a few years.

To do a 500' drive, 12' wide, 4" thick; you need 75 cubic yards. That comes out to 105 ton.

3/4 minus with fines
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What the guy hauling your rock does on the weekends:
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A pic or three of straight crushed asphalt:


In the bare spots, use a base 2"-4" rock, or just scrape out more dirt to get the thickness of the gravel you bring in up to an 8"-10" thickness.

More importantly, make sure to keep the drive graded. If it sheds water and leaves no puddles, it will hold up with some maintenance. Get washboards and potholes, and every tire that goes across it will make it worse.

Adding a 60" back blade to your 790 would be just the ticket for driveway maintenance. :fing32:
Obscured nailed it there, the only reason you have a soft spot there is drainage.

Looking at the pics, your going to have water in that area, period. Scrape it out with the loader, and use some biger rock to build it up even with, or above the grade next to it. Then add your gravel of choice on top.

A little grading work on the left side of the drive would be a good idea. I say left side because it seems the right side, by the trees, is another foot or so higher than the left side.

If you could, scrape that area between the trees and the drive down to form a 'v' ditch, it would help the driveway out. Depending on what you mow with, of course. I would make sure to leave enough room to get a mower width on each side of the ditch.
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BTW, that's going to really look nice, with a tree-lined driveway. In the pic, is that the roadway we're looking at, and does that roadway have a ditch?
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