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During the winter, the idler pulley on my C-125 Hydro Drive Belt froze up. The tractor kept running, but the belt squealed when I engaged and disengaged the Hydro drive. Oddly it did not make noise while running. I plowed snow most of the winter without knowing. DUH!
I freed it up but it was rough-so I set about to replace it-meanwhile I ordered a replacement-aftermarket. When it came I couldn't believe the difference in quality. The replacement bearing was only 1/2 the size as the OEM. I put it on, but started calling around for the bearing. It is a SKF # 6203-2RS1. The bearing guy said he had 8 of them in Chicago-I told him to get me one-I'd pick it up. When it came in, it was obvious it was not the same-the inner race had the wrong ID and did not extend out like it should. The bearing guy could not give me a bushing-he said that is a OEM part made for WH at that time. I took the new bearing anyway-and set about making my own bushing. I had some hardened bushing left over from my deck lift arms-so I hand ground it down to fit inside the inner bearing race. I stopped when it just about went in-then froze it in the freezer for a while-it slipped right in and tightened up nicely when it warmed up. I then made some stacks of washers to make up the space I needed on each side.
The bearing is sandwiched between 2 sides of the idler-I drilled out the rivets abd pulled it out-put the new one in and Pop riveted it in.
The first pic is the teardown-the second is the comparison of the 2 pulleys and the re-assembled OEM pulley-LOOK at the difference in the bearing sizes! Everything works well and was well worth it!-Thanks for looking-AL

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