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drinking orange cool aide the 180 way

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I bought myself a 1971 180 with cab and loader with a HEATER today! It's been mighty cold in these parts (South Dakota) and I'm getting to old for this darn cold weather. In my younger days i baled a lot of hay with a 185 and have many memories of long days with no troubles from the old girl.
I have a 600 series Ford but it is just to small for my needs and I think the 180 will fit nicely into my little farm here. The Ford will go up for sale in the spring.

So Orange Cool Aide it is
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I always loved the styling of the 180, through 200 series. Really sharp tractors..!! That's about as far as it got, I'm a pretty much dyed in the wool IH guy. Good luck with your new purchase..!!
I looked at a couple IH's, a couple Green Meanies (JD) and another Allis. I'm not prejudice! The JD's & IH's were just to big for my needs. Anything with a cab was too big except this 180. The other Allis I looked at was a very nice D17 IV. I mean really nice. it was probably collector nice and had a really nice cab too. I chose the 180 over the D17 because of what I've heard about steering issues with the D17 and also the extra HP. I guess the PS isn't the best on them. There wasn't a heater in the cab either. The 180 has just had the PD completely rebuilt; among other things. Guy showed me 4500.00 worth of receipts for repairs while they had it in two. Motor seems sound. It was 0'ish and it started pretty easily after being plugged in for around two hours.
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