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I am hoping that one or some of you can give me some ideas on my problem with This Dozer, My problem is with the Transmission, in 1st gear forward or Rev. every thing is fine, But in 2nd or 3rd forward or rev. the Hyd. Oil is pooring out some where up around the Tran, we can run it all day as long as we don't get into 2nd or 3rd, With the Belly Pan & all we can't see were it is leaking from, How do we pull this Tran. out to work on it, do i have to remove the Engine, or can i remove the camopy seat & floor board and get it out, there is a short drive shaft between the Tran, & Engine, i have replaced the U Joint there before, The way it acts, makes me think there is a busted line in there some where, any light some one can put on my problem would sure be Helpful, we dont have any kind of Manuals on this Machine, other than this problem it is a good machine for the money, we have had it about 10 yr. and this problem just showed up last fall, we use it on the farm when ever there is some small dirt work to do, we will have to figure this out & Fix it our Self >< we cant stand the 100 Dollar a Hr. on this old Machine

Thanks LakeRat1

PS: is there any web site that i can look at a Shop/Repair Manual on the Machine
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