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Draw bar implements?

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Hi all,
I have an off the wall question and this may not even be the right venue for it so if that is the case please point me in the right direction. I have the Super 90WR (Wheat and Rice) and there is no 3PT on it as designed. And after further advice (Thanks JJ) it would not be feasible to add one and another tractor is out of the question. Sooo my question is, is there and specific manufacturer or company or ANY way to find Draw Bar implements? Is it just hit and miss or just a matter of choice? I would think that there are some implements that have to have a 3PT by design and there is just not a draw bar option. Is this a correct train of thought?
Thanks in advance for all your help :thanku:
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What implement(s) are you looking for?

New... you'll be kind of hard-pressed to find new implements that are 'drawn', but...

Used... IH/Farmall and John Deere both offered just about EVERY implement that you could think of that is drawn... if a lift of some sort was required... it was mechanical (or hydraulic, later on).
Thanks for the reply,
Primarily, alfalfa, wheat and such. Something that will cut/row and bale then any prep work discs and such. So it will (or should be ) an older attachment. Is that correct?
So... I cut hay with my Ford 8N... using a John Deere #5 Power Mower. The John Deere #5 is a semi-mounted mower... you should have NO problems mounting one of those to your tractor. I rake with an Allis-Chalmers model 77G... ground drive... rake, it is towed as well... and our baler... well, of course, it just hooks to your drawbar, too.

Speaking specifically of the #5... it's a little too old to include attachment instructions for your tractor, but... it DOES include attachment instructions (in the Operators Manual) for several other "Wheatfield" tractors...

Dad has an old 8' pulled disk... doesn't require a lift. There are several plows that are similar.

In a nutshell... yes. Look for older implements... unless you've got remote hydraulics. Then you can look at bigger implements (your Super 90 should be rated at 60HP or more... you can handle "bigger" implements) that are typically towed.
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Yes it does have remotes.

Thanks Steve
Here is my draw bar is a 1917 Massey Harris Dump Rake.

Hi all,
Sooo my question is, is there and specific manufacturer or company or ANY way to find Draw Bar implements? John2459


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