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Drains for horse barn?

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I'm in the process of building a horse barn/stable. Excuse the mess, floor hasn't been poured yet.(Yes I have rubber mats for 12x12 stalls). I finished the water and electric.
Today I was thinking about drains. Next week they were just going to pour the concrete, but I thought how great it would be to have some sort of floor drain. Something so when I wash the stalls out for water (etc) to go.
It's built on a hill, so easy run-off, but I'm trying to figure what's best, easiest, least expensive. I have a backhoe, so trench no problem. Right now there's an upper and lower retaining wall (lower one not back filled yet).
Stalls will be tongue and groove 1x6s.
Any ideas, thoughts appreciated. Goal is as low cost and simple as possible.

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Depends on what is meant by washing out stalls. Waste will more than likely require some kind of retainment. The simplest form would be to pour gutter. Just make sure it runs down hill.
What I was thinking was I'm sure I'll want to occasionally want to wash stall or breezeway. Of course I would muck it first.
I don't know what pour gutter means, unless a trough in concrete, sloped to outside?

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Thanks. Looks like gutter idea is best. I could buy or fabricate a grate over it.

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