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dozer blade questions

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was wondering if anyone could tell me if this simplicity hitch,# 1692624, can be mounted on my regent 4211? the manuals say its for a regent 500 and a broadmoor. It also has a dozer blade.#1691520,that goes w/it. I figure if the hitch mounts then i can use the blade? I also noticed it may need a lift rod,#1692623, can this also be mounted on my 4211? If not,what should i be looking for,used, to push snow with this winter that i can mount on my 4211? any help would be appreciated:thanku:
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The blade will work -- they are all the same. But the push will not. As cityboy2977 showed, you need a push bar with the vertical tabs. The 1692624 frame is for a the later design which uses the fast hitch.
Have a look here on page 28:

You will also need the hitch adapter 1657663. Looks like this:

This one is going cheap. I paid $30 + shipping last year and they rarely come up.
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