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dozer blade questions

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was wondering if anyone could tell me if this simplicity hitch,# 1692624, can be mounted on my regent 4211? the manuals say its for a regent 500 and a broadmoor. It also has a dozer blade.#1691520,that goes w/it. I figure if the hitch mounts then i can use the blade? I also noticed it may need a lift rod,#1692623, can this also be mounted on my 4211? If not,what should i be looking for,used, to push snow with this winter that i can mount on my 4211? any help would be appreciated:thanku:
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Wondering if you can help me, the dozer blade 1691520 ( above ) is the same as I have but............ where the push frame meets the bracket, there seems to be alot of "slop", almost light something is missing. The front pin is in and the rear pin is in the center postion ther seems to be about a 3/8" inch play in it. The bottom front of the push bar has a notch out of it almost looks like there should be a guide for the bracket to ride on. What I have now is rear pin, front pin, push bar and bracket. The bottom nubs ( rear of the notches )are riding on the lower part of the bracket now. Is there suppost to be spacers or anything else in there?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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