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Dover Steam Show, Dover OH, Aug 14, 15, 16

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Dover Steam Show, August 14, 15, and 16, Tuscarawas County Fairgrounds, Dover OH. Here's their website:

I've been going to this show for a few years now, and it always proves to be an enjoyable day. I especially love the running sawmill, shingle mill, and other belt driven major machinery. They are often using the steam tractors to run them, so you get some great photos and videos. I love hearing the big steam tractors when they start loading down.

I'll be there on Saturday (at least) walking around with a red postal bag of camera gear over my shoulder and a tan Aussie style hat.
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Be sure to take some photos for those of us stuck at work and home. :fing32:
I've been to Dover the past three years, and I usually take between 150-300 photos there. It sounds like it will be a hot, clear day. I hope to get some good video of the sawmill and other running equipment.

I'm wishing I had a place to post all of them so some of you could see them. It sounds like it will be a hot, clear day.
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