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? Door sliding screens?

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I have seen a few houses that have those sliding door screens at the outside opening. Do they work well? Are they expensive? Are they strong enough for a cat? Coming in through the front door there is a tiny room for coats (moms decorating junk is there instead) and then kind of a 2nd doorway but no door. I would like to have something to keep the cats from escaping when I have to carry something large out the front door.
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You talking about the ones that roll up in the door jam? They do work... but they are not that strong. A cat wont eaven know its there.
um, install an inside door so you can shut the foyer door so the cats are not in the room? seems simpler to me than trying to fight with opening a screen and kicking a cat at the same time you carry something out.
Mom won't go for an inside door.
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