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Don't know what kind of tractor to get any advice appreciated!!

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Okay so here goes. We just bought 50 acres of land and no one has lived here in 6 years. So needless to say the hey and the weeds are as tall as me. I need to get a tractor or something to mow and pick up all the weeds and all that. I would also rather it be something that has multiple attachments. I really liked the Bobcat Utility Vehicles but from talking to the bobcat dealer I don't think it is the right tool for the job. But the nice thing is all the attachments you can get such as the snow plow, the forklift the bucket and the mower. But from what he said they only last around 1,000 hours of work. So what I am looking for is a tractor that can mow and have a snow plow on it if possible. Money really isn't an object. But I want to make sure I get the right equipment for the job and that it will last. Any suggestions would be much appreciated as I have no experience with tractors. I am Camas, Washington just across the river from Portland, Oregon so we also get a lot of rain.
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I don't know how much (if any) snow your area gets, but with a piece of land I intended to clear this summer, the brush is just so tall (goldenrod over 8' tall, honeysuckle about 14' or better) and it hides the ruts and such, making the terrain really unpredictable. I decided that I'm waiting for early next spring so that everything's been packed down by the snow and yet the ground will still be exposed and at least reveal most of the potential hazards.

We get a LOT of snow, and it really does do a good job breaking down the stuff like the goldenrod etc.

Just my two-cents, don't know if it'll work for you or if you can wait that long.
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